The Tie Dye Journey Starts

A 60’s party and the need for something to wear – that’s where the tie-dyeing fun started. I’d picked up a box of dyes months before, just because it was on sale and proceeded to leave them in the cupboard. Along with my multitude of other crafty items. these were designated to the “one day I’ll try that” basket.

The only tie-dye I’d ever done was many moons ago at school – tie up your t-shirt with rubber bands and stick it in the bucket of whatever colour dye the art teacher had provided. You-Tube to the rescue and a day or so later, “voila”, my first creation below.

A lot of fun with a great result for my first try, plus a lot of compliments. So, it was time to do a bit more online research and see what else I could come up with. And then the journey began…….

Published by couleurdesigns

I share my love of colour through my tie dye creations. My store can be found on .

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