Two Colour Ice Dye Tee

Although spirals and fancy folds are popular, so are simple styles with minimal colours. I decided to try something a little different with this Men’s Tee and I love the result. I gently gathered the tee from the top corner down and loosely tied together to keep the folds together.  I had a look at…

Scrunch Dyed Teen Top

I like to investigate shops to pick up items they have on special and then see what I can do to brighten up my purchases. Sometimes I strike it lucky and there will be a few items the same on the rack and I can then do something a little different with each one. What…

Liquid and Ice Dye – Same But Different

The only experience I had of dyeing clothes before this all started was many moons ago at school. We had a t-shirt or piece of fabric, tied rubber bands around different areas and dunked it into a bucket of dye – one colour, that was it. I didn’t even know how to create the multi-colour…

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