Two Colour Ice Dye Tee

Although spirals and fancy folds are popular, so are simple styles with minimal colours. I decided to try something a little different with this Men’s Tee and I love the result.

I gently gathered the tee from the top corner down and loosely tied together to keep the folds together. 

I had a look at my swatches to see what may look good for a man’s t-shirt. Some guys like something “not so out there” with colours so I picked these two shades of blue and grey – Indigo Blue from Sunny Daisy Tie Dye and and Procion Grey from Kraftkolour.  As I was doing an ice dye, I could see from the swatches that the colours were going to split nicely on this tee.

As the tee had already been soaked in soda ash and dried, it was just a matter of sprinkling the dye where I wanted it.

Time to place the ice on top and let the magic happen. Unfortunately I don’t have huge supplies of ice so I’m just using my stash of ice cubes of different sizes from my freezer.

I left this for 24 hours after the ice had melted. It’s tempting to not leave it this long but a little patience will give you better results in the end.

Rinse in cold water and then do several soaks/rinses in hot water until the water runs clear. I use a dash of dishwashing liquid in the first hot water soak. Then it’s ok to give it a final wash in your washing machine. I’m really happy with the result on this one.

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